Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday Evening

Wow can't believe it's Sunday evening already, what a weekend let's start with today. We woke up had morning coffee, breakfast and running around getting ready to go to church. After church came home for a light lunch, nap time, I went visiting a friend for awhile enjoyed coffee and sitting on her country porch visiting. Boy I wish I had a porch like that, put that on my dream list for this home. Came home and we took our youngest out to eat thinking it would be cheaper because we were one less. Not it was almost 40.00 and we both got water that is suppose to be free. Going out to eat it's not in our budget anymore.
This weekend was filled with many do list projects, Lee worked on the living room walls, finally cut the tall grass in our garden that I have not had time to plant yet, not much time to do so either, but with my mother sick and being gone this spring when I should have been home to prepare the garden. oh well that's ok, I am going to plant some tomato plants and a few more little things and that mostly it for this summer. unless I can read up on gardening some more. Don't get me wrong, I grew up on a farm and worked in a garden all my life, but making a garden for the first time by yourself is alot of work, which I love but time got away from me.
God will supply our needs and tomatoes!! I am just happy to finally have a home to call ours and it's alot of hard work, but I do love the feeling afterwards.
In the morning I have to take my mother in law down to get surgery and will be gone all day. Thats fine since it's going to rain anyway, so I think I will take some stitchery with me to keep be busy while I wait for her.
peggy lee