Friday, August 28, 2009

Sorry for not blogging.

I have been away for a short time, we have been busy finishing up the living room and dining room walls, they look great when I am done decorating I will post some pics. We still have some trim left and some paint touch ups.
But I have my creative place back, my studio/craft room was hosting the living room furniture, so now I have to clean up that mess, and hopefully be able to starting creating again. Now we are near the end of summer and our girls are getting ready for back to school, soccer already started and my oldest is the class president for her Junior year, she has already started with school meetings. It's going to be a busy year I can see already.
I have been a little sick, I have fibromyaligia and virago, so I have had a flair up and been dizzy for over two weeks. Maybe all the painting and up and down off of chairs flared up my virago. I am getting better.
Well fall is here in the East Coast, with cool crisp mornings, warm afternoons, and cold evenings I think summer has ended. Sad because we really didn't have a summer; but I love fall I just wish it was longer.
More to come now that I am getting back to a schedule.

Peggy Lee

Friday, August 14, 2009

Winter Wonderland Not!!

Hi bloggers, this post finds me with a (winter wonderland) of drywall dust, even though we put up plastic to cover the doorways the dust gets everywhere, but I am not complaining I can't wait for our living room walls to be done, they are primed and ready to paint. It's the clean up that's a killer. And our little helper Sasha our baby kitten was right in the thick of it all, let's just say she was a different color for some time!! Isn't she so cute..

Now I am still cleaning up dust, and more likely will be for awhile. I will post the pictures of the living room done completely hopefully in about a week.

I was shocked to see on the calendar that my girls only have about unless then 3 weeks until school goes back in. I am not ready to buy school supplies, teenagers are more expensive. I am closing my eyes and hoping it's a dream.

I will get back to posting when the dust settles. ahhh

Peggy Lee

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What I've been Working ON!

My little kittie decided to sleep on the bottom of my kitchen chairs. I just finished washing the kitchen floor. bad kitty but oh so cute.

Here is a card that I made for someone special for a thank you gift. (all material is CTMH)
I downloaded the pattern of "CANDY CANE ANNIE" from The Olde Country Cupboard website at
ANNIE isn't complete yet I promise to show you completely down. She lots of fun to make but next time I will make her a little bigger. Love this pattern and it's so easy.

Here is a wall hanging for FALL decoration, I made this in one evening watching a movie with my husband. It turned out so cute and easy I am going to make a few more. To sell. Leave me a comment to let me know what you think. It's not completed yet hope to have it down by Friday. My husband is home on vacation and he is trying to finish our living room walls so I can have my craft/studio room back. just think my living room is in my studio room (no room to play much) my house is a mess. Can't wait to be done, when it's all painted I will post pics.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Prayers Answered

Thank you all who prayed for our Pastor Jim, His test came back fine, His heart is fine. Praise the Lord.

Thanks Peggy Lee


Sunday, August 9, 2009


Our Pastor Jim is in the hospital with chest pains, please keep him and his wife Jody in your prayers and thoughts.
Words can not explain how I feel, not knowing what's happening that's when Trust in our Lord is huge. Thanks for your prayers.

Peggy Lee

Saturday, August 8, 2009

sneak peek

here are a few cards I worked on last night, they still need color. While I was looking at the patterns in some Create and Decorate books, I free hand drew these cards. Not bad for the first time. I want to make more...

Around the house weekend.

Around the house this weekend will be a busy one. Friday night (last night) I was sick from my fibro pain, I didn't get to go to a scrapbook retreat weekend. That's ok maybe next time. The girls had youth group, Lee and I dropped them off, ran to Walmart sick and all, but we where half way there and you know if you live in the country towns that's a big deal with the cost of gas today. So Lee and I ran in real quick Lee knows when I am sick with pain, I slow down really fast, but of course I did manage to buy some new fabrics fall colors (I bought them to make something for a swap I am in) no more clues want it to be a surprise.
I did work on some prim note cards last night while Lee and I watched tv for a little while waiting for the girls to come home. They turned out cute, I will post pics later today.
Now it's Saturday morning, we are up and have had coffee, we are getting ready for a family BBQ that we are having today, to see off our nephew George who is going back overseas to finish out another six months. Please keep him and others who are over there in your prayers, and their families.
August is suppose to be warm, NOT yesterday the wind was blowing and cool crisp air was flowing, fall can't come yet we haven't had a summer here in New England. And to top that off, it got down to 40 degrees last night, warm socks and sweatshirts was a must last night.
Don't get me wrong I love fall, just would like some kind of summer before winter sets in.
Peggy Lee

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Inspiring yellow

Yellow is seeming to be a fav- of mine lately. I guess because I have been thinking of mustard yellows for fall decorating. Today is quilt group and I am going to sketch out a wall haning for our house for fall and sunflowers.
My kitchen is colored yellow but I don't like it all over my walls so that will change, but I do love splashes of yellow with prim decorating.
Fall is just around the corner, and finishing up the living room walls this weekend and getting the pine kneedle green on them I can't wait, now I am thinking of cranberry color for the dinning room. oh boy, picking out colors and changing my mind drives my man nuts!! ahh
Well have to run my friend will be here so to pick me up for quilt group. see ya soon..

peggy lee

Saturday, August 1, 2009

August Morning

August is here and the sun is shining yes! Maybe the rain will hold off for a few days! This is a picture of something I found in my back yard. Can anyone tell me what they are? I think they are choke cherries? But I am not sure, it's like a tree beautiful (see the little black tic) yuck.
Today is going to be spent doing Saturday morning chores, dump run, cleaning bathrooms, helping Lee with the walls in the living room. We are even going to cook burgers on the grill tonight yes, love charcoal burgers. Enjoy family time today!
more to come later.
peggy lee