Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Where did my time go?

This morning I had some free time so I decided to look at my blog, wow I haven't posted in a long time, please forgive me for neglecting my blog, I have been very busy. Which is no excuse but I know my prim friends will understand. I have been looking for a job, money is very tight and we just got me a new car (well old but new to me) I have been without a car for 4 months so I am very happy but with that now we have a house payment and two car payments oh and teenagers. Anyway I have been applying for jobs but no calls, which stresses me out my husband says we will be fine honey, so I had coffee with a dear friend and she said Peggy you have great talent and stuff to create you need to start selling your stuff and we need to travel and do some craft shows, I agree so I am going to embark on that task and if God blessing me with a job that will be great, I also teach crafting workshops which I need to schedule some and get busy. I know I will not get rich but it's the extras that kill me, because we can't but God has always supplied our needs and we are greatful for that. And continue to rely on Him.

Ok to update you with some pics of my busy two weeks:

The first pic is the fall table runner I made for a show-n-tell for my quilt group, love the pumpkins. The next one well is our baby Sasha and she keeps us busy and drives our other two cats nuts, the other day I was sweeping in the living room ran my broom under the sofa and out flying by was a dead mouse and dust bunnies, she hid the mouse under the sofa to hid it from the other cats who never go under there. I was not happy to pick it up, but ways glad she killed it. Then last week we woke up to a winter wonderland, a snowstorm it was beautiful but way to early it didn't last. The last pic is of my husband and Emilee walking into the apple orchard we went to get apples it was a very dark and deary day oh and very cold.... but I do love this pic I am planning on making it black and white. More to share when I get my thoughts together and a project to share. thanks for stopping by.

Peggy Lee