Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 coming to a close...

With the holidays have been so full and busy, I almost forgot to post to my prim blog...I did a 25 Days til Christmas over on my Creative Scraps blog, jump over for some creative spirit.
Here is a card I created for a Design Team submisson. I just love the papers and stamp thank CTMH for your products are awesome.

 Last minute Christmas Card that turned out really cute....made a nice money gift holder...
 Me and My girls!!!! at Christmas Dinner at my mother-in-laws home, there are more photos but they are giving me a hard time loading....
 With 2010 coming to a close soon, I am thinking back on this past year and overhelming emotions came upon me, great happy memories, very sad ones, and brokenness that has torn me inside out. And with the scare of my husband heart issues...I can say I am very blessing and happy to have my family and friends and blog friends in my life.

Peggy Lee

Monday, December 20, 2010

White Christmas

Well here in New Hampshire the weather man is saying snowflakes for the next three days!!! I hope so we love having a white Christmas.
Today I am trying to get my list checked and twice checked to get my stuff done...need to create a little today and start my baking.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

What I've been Doing!

Well I haven't been doing this, no my girls decided last week to go out and make a snowman, I came out and said well that's only half and they died laughing to them they built enough-I couldn't resist but snap some pics.

a snowman family!

I've been busy inside our nice warm home, creating Christmas gift, here is a box I painted and covered with scrapbook papers, created these rolled roses, the box is filled with handmade cards.
another snow day....
more playing with tags
here is a sample of a card class I took at the store I work at...
so not much else for news trying to finish up our Christmas shopping and creating. For more information on my paper crafting hop over to my other blog Creative Scraps by Peggy Lee.

Friday, December 10, 2010

HomeSpun Holiday

 FYI-over at my other blog Creative Scraps by Peggy Lee my stamping and scrapbooking blog. I am hosting a HomeSpun Holiday 25 Days til Christmas, please stop by and enjoy the Holiday Cheer...I love this hand drawn and stitiched prim pillow and the prim heart ornament.
cute little ornament made out of a coaster from a local resturants.

these I made by accident, last minute oh my that's awesome idea. love love

for more details and information on these projects please visit my other blog.

Happy HomeSpun Holiday
peggy lee

Creative Scraps by Peggy Lee: Day 9-HomeSpun Holiday

Creative Scraps by Peggy Lee: Day 9-HomeSpun Holiday: "Day 9 of 25 Days til Christmas HomeSpun Holiday!!! I must say I love getting and giving handmade heartfelt gifts...This little Bittersweet p..."

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Life's Moments

My title for this post is life moments for a very emotional heartfelt meaning that I hold dear to my heart. See this photo is of my husband Lee and I, early this year just a few days after our 18th year anniversary. Last week Lee was schedule for Rotor Cuff surgery, it was suppose to be an easy two hour surgery which ended up being over five hours and complications to follow. Lee had suffered a little heart failure while in surgery...he had pasted all the test to see if you can handle surgery, no one expected this to happen. He didn't fully wake up from this surgery for over three and half hours, complaining he couldn't breath-to find out his lungs had filled up with fluid from being on his side for a long time (which later we found out his heart wasn't working well enough for the lungs to work). The next day he was sent down to a bigger Hospital for a heart procedure to see if Lee had any blockages in his heart...and after a few hours the surgeons found he had 3 blockages and a narrowing of a y shape one, so another four hour surgery to put in stents and relieve his heart and lungs...all this to say I am happy to report he is home now recovering not only from one simple surgery but two big ones.
So for this Thanksgiving our family is so thankful to have Lee, honey, daddy with us for more happy moments to share. (you see the doctors told us that it was a good thing he had shoulder surgery for we would have never known about his heart and with the percentages of blockages Lee had he wouldn't have survived an heart attack.) wow that spoke volumes to me, hit me like a ton of bricks...I was strong for my daughters, but truthfully when alone in my bed late into the night I would cry and thank the Lord for keeping Lee with us...I will slow down and value life more with my family, and friends.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my prim friends!!!!!! enjoy life's simple moments and share them

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

around the house

I can not believe that it is already November!!! Our fall is fastly leaving and we had some snow already-here is a little peek of fall!!!! Love these colors but they don't stay long enough for me I created some fall garland to keep the beautiful rich colors longer....
November is the month devoted to Thanks. I am so blessed and thankful for my family, friends and blog friends. Thankful that God has given my the gift of crafting and creating!!!! What are you thankful for?

Saturday, October 23, 2010

The beauty of fall, still amazes me every year. Here are some pics of my visit up home to my mom's home in Fort Fairfield, Maine. Love these dried up sunflowers-even after pure beauty is gone they still sing look at me I am fabulous....
Preparing for the winter, this tiny bee is collecting and gathering just like we do when the weather starts to turn colder out.
And on that note, we had snow storm last week already here in New Hampshire. Of course it doesn't stay on the ground but our Mountains peaks are getting covered.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Creative Scraps by Peggy Lee: What I've been Doing!

Creative Scraps by Peggy Lee: What I've been Doing!: "Not much in order-but I have been away for awhile, so I thought I would share what I've been doing in my busy life as a mother, wife, daught..."

Sunday, August 22, 2010

What I've been Working ON!

I joined at Swap for Stick Pins!! Here is what I created and sent out the other day-these are so easy and fun to create-I created 80 of them to mail out, each person got 4 pins. Over at Simon Says Stamp and Show blog-they are having a challenge this week to work with Wendy Vecchi her work, art and is what I made this art piece will be framed and hung in our living room....
I am inspired with the onset of fall that is coming way to fast here in the East Coast.

love the little flowers and pumpkins together!!!!!

for info on this project jump over to my blog

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Prim Friend Giveaway

Hi everyone a little prim news to share with ya all!!!
My prim friend Tammy over at A Primitive Place is having a 40th Birthday Giveaway!!!
Happy Birthday Tammy!!
Want a chance to win this Primitive Pumpkin Doll-head over to Tammy's blog for the giveaway rules-she will be drawing the winner August 30th.
isn't she so cute!!!
"A Primitive Place" prim friend Tammy!! Happy Birthday

A Little Art Work

Here is a little bird house art piece I did for a challenge, I love the birdie and handmade flowers. The roof is a old dictionary paper distressed with ink. I am happy the way it turned out.
it will be cute sitting on my 3 season porch.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Been spending time with my family.

A little shopping in Littleton, New Hampshire!!!!
I love the old brick buildings....

out to lunch with Livy and doc appointments (shh and a little shopping) a blessed day.

yummie lobster roll and soup!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

What I've been Doing!

I have been watching my garden bloom!!!! Not great pics but it works for me, can you see my little vistor. I almost pulled these beeboms plants I thought they were weeds, so glad I didn't they are so beautiful....and give food to the bees. I love watching them work and they are so busy eating I can get really close to them...
bee watching!!!! I would rather be bird watching but will do that this winter!!!! even though we have tons of birds....mostly crows-crows in my backyard all the time!!!

working on some flowers-love the vintage look and so primitive!!!! will post when I am finished with them....scrapbook layout.

prim blessing,
peggy lee

Monday, July 5, 2010

Celebrated 4th & Prim Art

Happy 4th of July to all my prim friends, as you can see in this photo the Baker family is really enjoying the night air and the fireworks...we had a blast!!!!
some of my photos came out really good of the fireworks, I have been taking pics for years and I think these ones are the best I have ever taken...

grand blast!!! ohhh ahhhh ohhh everyone yelled....

with the holiday celebration, I found some free time to play in my studio (when I really should have been cleaning it) here I created some EMBELLIES for my 4th scrapbook layouts I will be working on....

I was so inspired I decided to create these little prim artwork...they are so cute and fun to make...

Hope you and your family had a great 4th of July...
Peggy Lee

Thursday, June 24, 2010

We Turn 40!!!!!

That's right I am a twin, here we are Peter and I on our 1st Birthday in 1971!!! Aren't we cute!!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Where did my time go?

Our first cook out and camp fire for the year, we have been so super busy since prom passed us. Right into end of school finials, pool season started at work and really busy there. With graduations and parties life needs to slow down. But as you can see in the next photo life doesn't slow down when you get a snake visiting you in your dishwasher....eeekkkk
Isn't he kind of cute, not!!!!! He must of came in the house on the tomato plants we brought in for the night. Lee but him back outside, the poor little guy didn't like Lee kept on biting or trying to bite Lee's hand, his little mouth just couldn't fit on his finger.
Memorial Day our town has a little parade and Lee is one of the guys firing the rifle, it was a beautiful day and then we had friends over for a cookout. Now the tears start to flow, here is our youngest daughter Emilee graduating from 8th grade, she even received an award. We are so proud of her.

Emilee and her father. love this photo, daddy was so proud of his little girl. Boy they grow up was too fast. Now both our girls will be in High School, one a Freshmen and one a Senior.

I have been getting the bug to create some more primitive items, a line of cards would be nice, and some stitchery. I hope to create some over the summer. Enjoy your family and friends with a cool ice tea and a slice of watermelon.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What I've been Doing!

First let me say I will be happy when May is over, what a crazy month for me. Olivia's 17th birthday, Mother's Day, and Prom wrapped up in one month way to much....end of the school year coming to a close next month and now getting the yard ready for summer and working on our flower beds and preparing a garden whoooo!!! While working in the yard my husband stumbled upon this little guy we have named him "Bill" he is leaving under our shed, I said ohhh great he is living life free under our hotel and pretty soon have a free buffet for meals....time for a fence around the garden. But Bill is so cute!!! Olivia's 17th birthday party, it got really loud with the Karaoke singing. They had a blast!!!
Olivia's Prom 2010, here she is dancing with her father before the parents had to leave for the night. It's nice for the parents get to come and see everyone before the prom starts. Great photo moments.

Olivia and Heidi getting pics done at our friends house.

I have been so busy with all this and working now my time is nuts, sorry for the lack of blogging but we are enjoying the nice weather before it's on the East Coast you take what you get because the weather changes so fast. see ya soon