Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Life's Moments

My title for this post is life moments for a very emotional heartfelt meaning that I hold dear to my heart. See this photo is of my husband Lee and I, early this year just a few days after our 18th year anniversary. Last week Lee was schedule for Rotor Cuff surgery, it was suppose to be an easy two hour surgery which ended up being over five hours and complications to follow. Lee had suffered a little heart failure while in surgery...he had pasted all the test to see if you can handle surgery, no one expected this to happen. He didn't fully wake up from this surgery for over three and half hours, complaining he couldn't breath-to find out his lungs had filled up with fluid from being on his side for a long time (which later we found out his heart wasn't working well enough for the lungs to work). The next day he was sent down to a bigger Hospital for a heart procedure to see if Lee had any blockages in his heart...and after a few hours the surgeons found he had 3 blockages and a narrowing of a y shape one, so another four hour surgery to put in stents and relieve his heart and lungs...all this to say I am happy to report he is home now recovering not only from one simple surgery but two big ones.
So for this Thanksgiving our family is so thankful to have Lee, honey, daddy with us for more happy moments to share. (you see the doctors told us that it was a good thing he had shoulder surgery for we would have never known about his heart and with the percentages of blockages Lee had he wouldn't have survived an heart attack.) wow that spoke volumes to me, hit me like a ton of bricks...I was strong for my daughters, but truthfully when alone in my bed late into the night I would cry and thank the Lord for keeping Lee with us...I will slow down and value life more with my family, and friends.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my prim friends!!!!!! enjoy life's simple moments and share them


  1. Peggy my heart so relates with you, and happy
    to know your Hubby is home recovering, Yes in
    Deed its a Blesset Thankagiving for you and
    your family,Thoughts and Prayers for complete
    healing.. the Lord does work in some wonderful

    Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to the WONDERFUL Baker Family!! You indeed have lots to be thankful for!!!
    Love YA'LL!!!