Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My poor blog :(

Wow I have been so lacking on my prim blog, please forgive me my faithful readers and prim friends...life is full and busy and always changing.
I have missed posting on my prim blog, but I have been following you all on here. I tried to change my way of thinking for home decor and style in my life, but I am so still drawn to primitive and rustic country...I guess you really can't take the country out of the girl...hahaha
With that said I was trying to make my whole house shabby chic which I love but my hubby doesn't, he doesn't mind whites, creams and he love chipped paint and rustic look...but not to girly...I have been racking my brain on how to mixed primitive and little shabby together...so I think I know now what to do...so stay tuned in for some pics on my home.
There is just something about primitives that feels warm and inviting to the eye and heart. I have been getting into the mixed media art creative play the past few months. I also miss crafting prims, I just love sewing up a doll or creating a cards with checks, and a crow must have a crow...so you might see some new art work from me.
At the end of March I had another surgery to remove scar tissue that was crowding my colon and other organs...it's been a long recovery. Getting my oldest daughter ready for college, she is working all summer for her college work program that helps pay for her tuition. Which is a huge help!
Now that school is out for my youngest daughter who is turning 16 today, boy that flew by really fast. My heart skips a beat, to think my babies are growing up so fast and one is ready to leave the nest.

                      She Art-my first piece (so love mixed media and all the lovely texture), 4x4 canvas!
Off to spend the day with my birthday girl!
Peggy Lee