Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Prim Friend Giveaway

Hey prim lovers, hop on over to HomeSpun and Primitives blog she is giving away an amazing GiveAway for September.
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Peggy Lee

My New Hair Duo!!

This last one is my new profile pic, I love having my hair short, it's been a few years, love my hair long, but I needed a change, like the changing of a new season.
My hair is very thick and curly, curly. So the weight on my head was starting to bother me and I need something short and sassy for a pick my spirits up. And a new duo did it. Love it.
Wow 3 post in one day see I have missed my prim friends. Lot's to come soon..

more summer pics.

First Day of School, the girls look so grown up Emilee is 13th going into the 8th grade and Olivia is 16 going into her Junior Year (as class President) mommy is so proud.
Emilee on trash day, she just loves that job....

Olivia helping us paint the trim pieces, more on the floor and the kittie...

here is a shot of the living room in process, this picture doesn't do the paint color any good, it's beauitful in person.


Time Flies when Fall Sets in!!

Wow the time has flown by since that last time I did a post. Sorry for not blogging, we have been so very busy with finishing the living/dining room walls and painting walls and all the trim, and the clean up well lets just say we are still cleaning up.
Along with back to school shopping and trying to get some summer fun in before school started, and then our local Lancaster Fair the next town over which runs through labor day weekend. Then schools start the very next day, plus soccer practice, field hockey games, school meetings. Boy I have to stay home just to be the taxi driver for my girls. Then with everyday things, house cleaning, shopping, laundry, oh yeah did I mention laundry.ahh
Plus Sunday School starting last Sunday and I am teaching again, plus getting ready for a fall class in scrapbooking in a picture frame class that I am doing. I am way busy but I like it. Now I am trying to finish up a schedule for a Holiday Open House (here at my home) to sell some of my creations and teach make n takes cards, scrapbook layouts. Life in the Baker home is full and fun!!
Here are some pics to share with you our end of summer fun...enjoy..

Here is the little guy Shawn who Olivia babysat for over a week, they had so much fun together, many tears shed by both when goodbyes where done, oh sweet.

Olivia learning how to drive, my hair is turning gray.!!!!