Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My New Hair Duo!!

This last one is my new profile pic, I love having my hair short, it's been a few years, love my hair long, but I needed a change, like the changing of a new season.
My hair is very thick and curly, curly. So the weight on my head was starting to bother me and I need something short and sassy for a pick my spirits up. And a new duo did it. Love it.
Wow 3 post in one day see I have missed my prim friends. Lot's to come soon..


  1. Love your new hair style! You look beautiful!

  2. Thanks, I do love my new hair style, prefect for fall, maybe I need to make a prim scraf.

  3. LOVE your new "do"! Very becoming to an already beautiful face! ~~Annie

  4. Love ur hair! I might have to copy!! :)
    Mine is really curly and I straighten every day...