Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What I've been Doing!

Spring is trying to come in the Northeast Coast here in New Hampshire, yes today is going to be a beautiful sunny day Yeah more yard work to be done....
Here is a pic of my daughter Olivia and me, you see my time has been spent taking care of her, she has been very ill for over a month and we have been in and out of doctor offices, blood work and missing alot of school. These photos are from last week, Olivia had a small procidure done. Now we are on the waiting game again for the test to come back. This is why I have been away from blogging. Sorry for that.

Poor girl first time in a hospital gown, room and hooked up the tubes, she wasn't very happy but they let her bring in her favorite frog....next photo is a layout I did with some new scrapbook papers I bought, I love how it turned out..and it's of Olivia.

Blessings, Peggy Lee