Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Rainy day pics of family time.

Yummy, fresh hot banana bread, hot cup of tea and playing scrabble with emilee! Now that's a family day at home....
what a cutie! emilee 13 years old

emilee and I are playing scrabble, sometimes emie takes a while to play so I decided to do some stitching while I waited. I got like two done. yeah...

Ok, I hate pictures of me, but I had to show you that I was stitching up a storm. I have about three more others done, I need to take a pic to show you.

family fun day at home. It's been raining here for weeks and not much to do but stay in and with teens you have to be creative and play a game or two with them. These pics are from the beginning of July. It's finially sunny here for a change but very cold for this time of the year.