Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Flower Garden

This is what I am up to this morning, my sister-in-law Caren came over with this beauty, she has tons on your property. We dug a hole and planted it this morning, between two huge trees. I have decided to make a flower garden there it's going to be cute, there are three old tree stumps and Lee and I are going to work them into the garden. Yesterday we went to the plant store and I got 20 flowers they had a deal 1.00 each. They won't bloom this year but next summer beauty will appear.
Lee has been busy finishing up the living room walls, next is painting the kitchen. So much to do when you buy a home, we've been here for a year. And our summer is just now coming, we've had so much rain. Our trees here in the east coast some are already changing color not good. So no vegie garden this year that's ok we are fixing and garden for next spring.
After digging up the lawn for the garden today, I need to finish mowing the lawn. I am excited for the sunshine today and for most of the week will be nice. Praise God. Our girls went to the lake for the first time this summer.