Friday, August 14, 2009

Winter Wonderland Not!!

Hi bloggers, this post finds me with a (winter wonderland) of drywall dust, even though we put up plastic to cover the doorways the dust gets everywhere, but I am not complaining I can't wait for our living room walls to be done, they are primed and ready to paint. It's the clean up that's a killer. And our little helper Sasha our baby kitten was right in the thick of it all, let's just say she was a different color for some time!! Isn't she so cute..

Now I am still cleaning up dust, and more likely will be for awhile. I will post the pictures of the living room done completely hopefully in about a week.

I was shocked to see on the calendar that my girls only have about unless then 3 weeks until school goes back in. I am not ready to buy school supplies, teenagers are more expensive. I am closing my eyes and hoping it's a dream.

I will get back to posting when the dust settles. ahhh

Peggy Lee