Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What I've been Doing!

First let me say I will be happy when May is over, what a crazy month for me. Olivia's 17th birthday, Mother's Day, and Prom wrapped up in one month way to much....end of the school year coming to a close next month and now getting the yard ready for summer and working on our flower beds and preparing a garden whoooo!!! While working in the yard my husband stumbled upon this little guy we have named him "Bill" he is leaving under our shed, I said ohhh great he is living life free under our hotel and pretty soon have a free buffet for meals....time for a fence around the garden. But Bill is so cute!!! Olivia's 17th birthday party, it got really loud with the Karaoke singing. They had a blast!!!
Olivia's Prom 2010, here she is dancing with her father before the parents had to leave for the night. It's nice for the parents get to come and see everyone before the prom starts. Great photo moments.

Olivia and Heidi getting pics done at our friends house.

I have been so busy with all this and working now my time is nuts, sorry for the lack of blogging but we are enjoying the nice weather before it's gone...here on the East Coast you take what you get because the weather changes so fast. see ya soon

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