Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Inspiring yellow

Yellow is seeming to be a fav- of mine lately. I guess because I have been thinking of mustard yellows for fall decorating. Today is quilt group and I am going to sketch out a wall haning for our house for fall and sunflowers.
My kitchen is colored yellow but I don't like it all over my walls so that will change, but I do love splashes of yellow with prim decorating.
Fall is just around the corner, and finishing up the living room walls this weekend and getting the pine kneedle green on them I can't wait, now I am thinking of cranberry color for the dinning room. oh boy, picking out colors and changing my mind drives my man nuts!! ahh
Well have to run my friend will be here so to pick me up for quilt group. see ya soon..

peggy lee


  1. Hi Peggy! I so agree about splashes of yellow. I just painted an old wicker coffee table yellow for my patio room to pick up the yellow in a quilt. It is pictured on my
    this is my first this blog!! Jan

  2. Thanks GG Jan, I love wicker I am on the look out for our back porch no luck yet, yards are good just haven't found what I am looking for.
    thanks for visiting. come again

    peggy lee