Saturday, August 8, 2009

Around the house weekend.

Around the house this weekend will be a busy one. Friday night (last night) I was sick from my fibro pain, I didn't get to go to a scrapbook retreat weekend. That's ok maybe next time. The girls had youth group, Lee and I dropped them off, ran to Walmart sick and all, but we where half way there and you know if you live in the country towns that's a big deal with the cost of gas today. So Lee and I ran in real quick Lee knows when I am sick with pain, I slow down really fast, but of course I did manage to buy some new fabrics fall colors (I bought them to make something for a swap I am in) no more clues want it to be a surprise.
I did work on some prim note cards last night while Lee and I watched tv for a little while waiting for the girls to come home. They turned out cute, I will post pics later today.
Now it's Saturday morning, we are up and have had coffee, we are getting ready for a family BBQ that we are having today, to see off our nephew George who is going back overseas to finish out another six months. Please keep him and others who are over there in your prayers, and their families.
August is suppose to be warm, NOT yesterday the wind was blowing and cool crisp air was flowing, fall can't come yet we haven't had a summer here in New England. And to top that off, it got down to 40 degrees last night, warm socks and sweatshirts was a must last night.
Don't get me wrong I love fall, just would like some kind of summer before winter sets in.
Peggy Lee

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