Friday, August 28, 2009

Sorry for not blogging.

I have been away for a short time, we have been busy finishing up the living room and dining room walls, they look great when I am done decorating I will post some pics. We still have some trim left and some paint touch ups.
But I have my creative place back, my studio/craft room was hosting the living room furniture, so now I have to clean up that mess, and hopefully be able to starting creating again. Now we are near the end of summer and our girls are getting ready for back to school, soccer already started and my oldest is the class president for her Junior year, she has already started with school meetings. It's going to be a busy year I can see already.
I have been a little sick, I have fibromyaligia and virago, so I have had a flair up and been dizzy for over two weeks. Maybe all the painting and up and down off of chairs flared up my virago. I am getting better.
Well fall is here in the East Coast, with cool crisp mornings, warm afternoons, and cold evenings I think summer has ended. Sad because we really didn't have a summer; but I love fall I just wish it was longer.
More to come now that I am getting back to a schedule.

Peggy Lee

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