Thursday, May 7, 2009

I'm Back from Maine

my mother ADA and grandson Dylan
love this watering can(maybe someday it will be mine)

berry tree next to deck

Sweet 16 girl Olivia

Well I am home from Maine, I have been there for a long time taking care of my ill mother and visiting with my family. Oh how I missed my family who I left behind to help my mother. My husband missed his wife, and mother of his girls, see men do need us. I did get home in time for my oldest daughters Sweet 16 th birthday, Olivia we celebrated going out to eat, and cake, gifts. She and I are planning a friend birthday party for later on this month. I can't believe is May is already here, I had so much I wanted to get done in April but now I am mapping out a game plan for fixing up the yard, planting my first garden and deciding where to make my flower garden.

I did work on some stitchery while I was away, I will have pics for you soon they are on my daughters camera.

Oh I can't wait to show you, my mother gave me her old wash board that she starting using when she was first married at the age of 16, she is now 71 years old, and she even washed my clothes on it when I was a baby. gold mind.....

now that I have been home for almost a week, I am catching a cold yeapie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
peggy lee

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