Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Around the House

sasha wanting to go get that crow across the street.
Love this pink flower my sister-in-law gave me for just because gift. Thanks Caren

This old storm window my dear friend bought it for my birthday about 10 years ago in Kanas City on one of her yard sale trips. I love it to death, placed a wreath I bought and added tiny pine cones. It's a great conversation piece because everyone who visits me ask, "Why do you have a old window on you wall?" I sometimes just say I love it!! It's me!!

Here are some buttercups from my backyard, they are everywhere out there, I know they are a weed but God made the most beautiful weeds I think.... this yellow Begonia I found yesterday at my local food store, I have never seen a yellow one, always red, pink, white. So I had to have it.

summer beauty.....

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