Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I'm back (i think)

Sorry I have been gone from this blog in a long time, since I got home from taking care of my mother in Maine I have been right out straight. With catching up on all that I left behind bill, housework, projects, ripping wallpaper off, teenagers, my mans work schedule. Life seems to be slowing down now that I took the time to get caught up. Now I can blog about life and happenings around our home and primitive side.
First let me tell you that we got a new baby in our family. And she is driving me nuts she loves my studio/craft room and already has destroyed brand new scrapbook paper, ribbon and more. But she is so cute we love her!! I will post a pic soon I have to run to the other computer and email it to myself.

I did have time to go yard sale shopping I had so much fun with my daughter Olivia, it was great I got 8 chairs, birdcage, candle holder, old books, wash tub small one, fabric. Loved it. I am so ready for this season of morning collecting has I call it. There is nothing like cool crisp summer morning and a cup of hot coffee and pocket full of change.

Much more to tell you and show you, my kitten needs some attention right now, she won't let me type. bye

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