Monday, February 7, 2011

February Already

Can't believe is February already and I haven't posted anything yet....been busy with my girls in school with mid-terms to prepare for and my oldest daughter had a drama program that just finished their show this past weekend..this momma is happy for all the car running around and late night practices (dinners warm up more times than I like).
But happen endings to all! Now onto working on some items for me, with it being February and Valentines Day coming up I am itching to sew up some prim hearts. Creating some Valentine cards and treats for my family and friends.
I am ready for creative time, it just relaxes me and makes my heart warm and fussy, lol!!!
We have had many snowstorms lately, and as I type was are getting more snow we are expected to get other 3-5 inches tonight. We have so much snow now that roofs are failing, ours are still ok, but the ice build up scares me. Lee says it's ok, but I worry that it will leak back into the house or make a hole when it falls onto the other roof.
Spending time watching tv with my girls tonight and hoping to start some stitching. I am in the mood to sew a quilt or make a applique wall hanging. I will take pics of what I create for you all to see. For I love to look at others artwork it's fun to see every ones style and art.
Evening everyone.

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  1. Hi Peggy, glad to have found your blog! Thanks for entering my giveaway and good luck, I can't wait to see what you decide to create next. Deb