Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What I've been Doing!

Wow where has the time gone, I haven't posted on this blog since March, I have been dealing with some illnesses that have really taken over my life, and from March on I have been so sick and trying to just live everyday life. Finially the doctors discovered that I was really sick and I had surgery to have all my girly parts removed, I was in the hospital for a few days and I have been home recovering but I am not out of the woods still having some issues other issues and now I am heading into have a GI done. Hoping to know soon what I am dealing with they think a bleeding ulcer or acid reflux disease.
Please forgive me for not posting life has been really busy, with all this illness and recovery our family has been busy trying to help me around the house, life tilling the garden. love the fresh dirt.

 To keep my spirits up I did take place in my first ATC Card Swap...this is what a came up with it had to be made out of it...
                             Our spring has been beautiful and I love the lilacs are just so beautiful!
                              here is what my daughter and husband did for me while I was in the hospital
                                                                      a little mini I created
stay tune I have more to share...

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